How to get discounts in all your purchases

In this world economy is a major aspect of live since we need money to almost everything, in fact, you can study it in college and learn a lot about its behavior inside your country or abroad, it is really fascinating.

Maybe you’re not interested in the study of economy, and let’s face it, most people don’t really need it, it is well known that we have to pay for services and products we want/need, right?, but maybe you’re not aware of how much you can save with discounts, that is an aspect of economy behavior we should know, and you will be surprised with the benefits.

11 tips to get discounts in almost everything

Here you have some useful tips to get discounts you probably didn’t know:

1- When shopping online, logout your account and delete cookies of your browser, also use the incognito or private options of them, this is because retailers online can have access to the information of your online behavior and they offer different prices to each customer based in that knowledge.

2- Use the ancient technique of haggling, sometimes you need to negotiate (haggling) to get the better price, do this when you know that price can be lower, be sure you’re talking with the proper person, the one who is in charge and is able to offer you a better price, remember to be polite, this is very important

In order to get the best deal, you can offer to pay in cash, so the seller can avoid bank tariff of credit and debit card operations, and finally you can just walk away, seller will want to close the deal and will offer you a lower price, if they don’t do it, well there are other stores.

4- Ask for discounts, sometimes this is the only thing you need to do, be polite and ask nicely is there are some discount.

5- Compare prices, compare between online and walk-in stores and between each kind too.

6- Use online coupons, nowadays there are coupons for almost everything, check out popular coupon sites, you can automate your coupons, just install an extension like Coupons at Checkout on your browser and get automatic coupon codes for a lot of online retailers.

7- When shopping online, leave abandoned your cart for some days, many times you will receive an offer.

8- You can connect to seller’s social media pages to find offers, sign out to email alerts and join yo store loyalty or premium clubs.

9- Buy items out of season, once a season finished, retailers want the space for new products and they offer discount on old merchandise.

10- Online purchases may be cheaper since they many times don’t have the expenses of a physical store.

11- Ask for price-drop refunds, many online stores offer a refund for the difference when prices drop within a few days after the purchase.

How to get the perfect shoes for you! Online Buying tips

How To Buy Shoes Online

Commerce has existed since the human civilization began, the first humans realized that needed to trade with others to obtain what they needed, nowadays commerce has become much more refined, it has evolved with us in the same way our society has.

Currently we have all we need and all we want, available for a price, and we don’t need to go to the store in order to acquire some product, the technology of communications has grown and evolved and allows us many things, we can buy things that we see in television using a phone call and we also can use the miracle of Internet to sell and buy everything we want and/or need.


Buying shoes online

We buy many things online, like electronic devices, accessories, books, etc., but when we want to acquire clothes and shoes we have our doubts, we usually try on the products and see how it looks on us, how it feels, if it fits, we are used to physically trying on our shoes, and some shops are very cozy and provide us with all the possible comfort.

But buying online may be a wonderful experience, we can evaluate many options using few time, there is no need to go from one store to another, we can compare products from stores located even in different countries, buying online we avoid the crowds and we do it since our home or office.

Buying online is also convenient if you can’t go out home because you are expecting people from service companies, for example you want to buy a new pair of shoes but you really need an Emergency Well Pump Service right now and you contacted (online) you can receive their visit while you buy your shoes.

Tips to buy your shoes online, a successful purchase


  • Select the right shop, try brands you know.
  • Evaluate returns policies, you really need a shop that accept returns.
  • Choose a site with large images to see details and get description of materials and colors.
  • Be sure of your size, use conversion charts and size guides.
  • Consider your first order as a test.
  • Check the customer reviews they provide a lot of useful information.
  • Compare prices, some websites can do it for you.
  • Try your new shoes as soon as you receive them and do it carefully indoor.


Take in count some security tips for example:


  • Be sure the website you choose has installed SSL encryption, you will know if the URL starts with “https://” instead of “http://” and if you see a padlock symbol.
  • Never give personal information, never give your credit card by email, use credit cards and secure payment services instead your debit card.
  • Protect your device from malware, don’t use public computers or networks, use strong passwords.
  • And remember “if it is too good to be true, then it probably is”, avoid scams.

How to get the best price for a car: Tips and tricks

Tips To Buy A New Car

There are many important assets that every person is willing to acquire in some point of their life. Of course, these assets are of great importance and require a great first investment that might be payable only with credits from banks or payment plans. Yes, we’re talking about houses, furniture and cars. When it comes to cars there are many variables that can get you a terrible one in exchange for a lot of money or some other deals that might lead you to your dream car for the best price. These wonderful deals are not that easy to find, but don’t worry, keep reading and find the best tips and tricks to get the best price for a car.

First of all: you’ve got to know what are you looking for, so do an exhaustive research on the internet of the models that adjust to your budget and compare. Also there are two scenarios: the first one goes with buying new cars that will make you look for the invoice price or buying a used car that will have you looking for the most recent resale prices for the model you’re looking for.

The second research you’d like to do is about credits and loans. Car dealers offer interest rates on their financing plans that are way higher than those offered by banks or credit unions. In addition, your bank may offer you some relationship discounts that no other institution will provide.

An interesting fact that might come useful when buying a car is to know the rock bottom price of the dealership. Of course, they won’t provide you this information just because you’re nice; you need to get it with a simple action, walking out from the dealership. That lets you have second opinions in other dealerships and compare the bottom prices to see which one suits you better.

As having the amount of money required to pay a car at once might be pretty difficult, a great part of the negotiation goes around the monthly pays of the loan. First of all, you have to buy based on the purchase price of the car, since the dealerships might be offering you an incredibly low monthly payment that needs to be made for six years and will be much more. There might be some unusual charges on those monthly payments, so be careful and always ask for the total purchase price. A nice way to bargain is accepting those low prices to be paid for 48 months instead of 72.

It’s important to be careful with what you’re buying and avoid being impulsive, don’t buy a car just for its looks just to find a poor performance or a high price that might result payable on the long run. Also, avoid add-ons such as GPS, media players or reverse cameras that might put the price of your vehicle in the sky.

Buying a car can be quite a ride, so follow those tips and assure a nice asset!

Where to buy the cheapest shoes online?

Cheap Shoes Online

It is always said that our way of dressing, our hairstyle and makeup reveal who we are and what we think of ourselves. Now a study has shown that even shoes, in addition to having a practical purpose that is to protect our feet from rubbing against the ground, also transmit useful information about our personality

Just like jewelry or watches, footwear must have your personal stamp, you must feel identified with what you wear, shoes are one of the most important garments in a person’s outfit. They may seem the easiest to choose from within the accessories that make up the day’s outfit but it takes time to do so.

What better way to be fashionable and put the necessary attention that this important piece requires than buying shoes at the best price. There are many online stores that offer wonderful offers so we can be part of this world, here is a list of the best stores where you can buy.

Although they already price their shoes at unbelievably low prices, they also offer a full selection of sale shoes. These cheap shoes are still totally on trend with the latest styles, and they come in a variety of different styles and sizes to suit any shopper’s needs. The perfect pair of sneakers, boots or  super sexy high heels, you will find them at drastically reduced prices only from GoJane.



They have deals on hundreds and hundreds of designer shoes. Try to restrain yourself.



An enormous fashion resale shop where you’ll be able to find like-new shoes from your favorite brands. After you buy a few pairs, why not put some of your own barely worn shoes up for sale? You’ll make back the money you just spent.


Ami Clubwear

they have a bunch of “sexy” options, but they also carry a variety of styles without super-spiky, stiletto heels. Styles Available For: Women



While everyone in the U.K. is well aware of Office’s existence, most U.S. citizens probably weren’t — until now. In short: They have a great selection and ship to the United States. Styles Available For: Men, Women, Children in a very good price



They also have one of the best selections of footwear on the internet and a price match guarantee.


Sammy Dress

Everything at Sammy Dress is available at factory-direct prices, so it’s the perfect place to find a bargain.

Here are the best lanterns you can buy!

A lantern is a device whose main function is to illuminate dark spaces in a portable way. To complete this task the device needs energy in the form of electricity. The electric power comes from a rechargeable battery, either removable or incorporated into the flashlight, or traditional batteries into the body of the same.

Lanterns are useful in a lot of situations. Depending on the use we are going to give, we will need a conventional flashlight or a military flashlight. Every person who goes out at night, should carry a good flashlight and that is why a led flashlight can be the best companion. This relatively new technology provides a brighter and more durable light than traditional lanterns

Today the existing supply of LED lanterns is quite broad, so it may not be so easy to decide on any one in particular. Here are some, so you can decide more easily which one best suits your needs

* LED Flashlight L’lysColors L-S1

One of the best LED flashlights on the market for its small size and its great power. This model of L’lysColors reaches no less than 886 lumens, which you can regulate in 3 power levels: high 100%, average 50% and low 20%.

It contains a Cree XM-L T6 LED bulb, one of the best on the market, that does not need to be changed, because it lasts for life, and a rechargeable lithium battery so you do not have to worry about batteries or having to charge it daily. Of course, it also includes a charger.

* LED flashlight Lenser M7

Considered one of the best LED flashlights around the world, but for a more professional use and to use indoors. This flashlight works with 4 AAA batteries that are included at all times, and includes a charger to charge these batteries at any time and always have the flashlight ready. With a power of 220 lumens, a halo of light that reaches 250 meters and an autonomy of 11 hours, it is recommended for indoor use rather than outdoor, where it has a more than excellent capacity.

* Flashlight Best 007

The Best 007 flashlight offers a very good lighting, with a powerful light and has the essential accessories. It is small and compact enough to not be annoying to carry, offering an acceptable lighting autonomy. It is possible to place traditional batteries (three AAA batteries) for use outside the home without having to carry the charger