How to get discounts in all your purchases

In this world economy is a major aspect of live since we need money to almost everything, in fact, you can study it in college and learn a lot about its behavior inside your country or abroad, it is really fascinating.

Maybe you’re not interested in the study of economy, and let’s face it, most people don’t really need it, it is well known that we have to pay for services and products we want/need, right?, but maybe you’re not aware of how much you can save with discounts, that is an aspect of economy behavior we should know, and you will be surprised with the benefits.

11 tips to get discounts in almost everything

Here you have some useful tips to get discounts you probably didn’t know:

1- When shopping online, logout your account and delete cookies of your browser, also use the incognito or private options of them, this is because retailers online can have access to the information of your online behavior and they offer different prices to each customer based in that knowledge.

2- Use the ancient technique of haggling, sometimes you need to negotiate (haggling) to get the better price, do this when you know that price can be lower, be sure you’re talking with the proper person, the one who is in charge and is able to offer you a better price, remember to be polite, this is very important

In order to get the best deal, you can offer to pay in cash, so the seller can avoid bank tariff of credit and debit card operations, and finally you can just walk away, seller will want to close the deal and will offer you a lower price, if they don’t do it, well there are other stores.

4- Ask for discounts, sometimes this is the only thing you need to do, be polite and ask nicely is there are some discount.

5- Compare prices, compare between online and walk-in stores and between each kind too.

6- Use online coupons, nowadays there are coupons for almost everything, check out popular coupon sites, you can automate your coupons, just install an extension like Coupons at Checkout on your browser and get automatic coupon codes for a lot of online retailers.

7- When shopping online, leave abandoned your cart for some days, many times you will receive an offer.

8- You can connect to seller’s social media pages to find offers, sign out to email alerts and join yo store loyalty or premium clubs.

9- Buy items out of season, once a season finished, retailers want the space for new products and they offer discount on old merchandise.

10- Online purchases may be cheaper since they many times don’t have the expenses of a physical store.

11- Ask for price-drop refunds, many online stores offer a refund for the difference when prices drop within a few days after the purchase.