How to get the perfect shoes for you! Online Buying tips

Commerce has existed since the human civilization began, the first humans realized that needed to trade with others to obtain what they needed, nowadays commerce has become much more refined, it has evolved with us in the same way our society has.

Currently we have all we need and all we want, available for a price, and we don’t need to go to the store in order to acquire some product, the technology of communications has grown and evolved and allows us many things, we can buy things that we see in television using a phone call and we also can use the miracle of Internet to sell and buy everything we want and/or need.


Buying shoes online

We buy many things online, like electronic devices, accessories, books, etc., but when we want to acquire clothes and shoes we have our doubts, we usually try on the products and see how it looks on us, how it feels, if it fits, we are used to physically trying on our shoes, and some shops are very cozy and provide us with all the possible comfort.

But buying online may be a wonderful experience, we can evaluate many options using few time, there is no need to go from one store to another, we can compare products from stores located even in different countries, buying online we avoid the crowds and we do it since our home or office.

Buying online is also convenient if you can’t go out home because you are expecting people from service companies, for example you want to buy a new pair of shoes but you really need an Emergency Well Pump Service right now and you contacted (online) you can receive their visit while you buy your shoes.

Tips to buy your shoes online, a successful purchase


  • Select the right shop, try brands you know.
  • Evaluate returns policies, you really need a shop that accept returns.
  • Choose a site with large images to see details and get description of materials and colors.
  • Be sure of your size, use conversion charts and size guides.
  • Consider your first order as a test.
  • Check the customer reviews they provide a lot of useful information.
  • Compare prices, some websites can do it for you.
  • Try your new shoes as soon as you receive them and do it carefully indoor.


Take in count some security tips for example:


  • Be sure the website you choose has installed SSL encryption, you will know if the URL starts with “https://” instead of “http://” and if you see a padlock symbol.
  • Never give personal information, never give your credit card by email, use credit cards and secure payment services instead your debit card.
  • Protect your device from malware, don’t use public computers or networks, use strong passwords.
  • And remember “if it is too good to be true, then it probably is”, avoid scams.